Can I create an account without Facebook?
No, sorry. We want to make sure you know exactly who you're spotting.

Why can't I spot anyone?
You can only spot people in your immediate surroundings. If you don't spot anyone, check the map for hot spots, go out to those spots and you will be able to see everyone around you.

Why can't I chat with my matches?
We want you to meet right here right now, not chat yourselves to death... So in order to help you break the ice, we've introduced PhotoChatting, which can help you find each other's exact whereabouts and break the ice.

How does PhotoChatting work?
You take a picture, add a doodle and send it. You can only use pictures taken in real time, using the app. You can also resend a picture you've taken that night. Be creative - it can be real fun.

Whom can I PhotoChat with?
Only with your matches.

How do I match?
If you chose someone (swipe down) and they chose you as well, it's a match!

Can I choose someone I've mistakenly swiped away?
Yes, no one is deleted from your spot catalogue, so you can always swipe back and forth and spot them again, given they are still nearby...

Why do all matches disappear in the morning?
We are a real-time real-life app. We want you to actually meet the people you've matched and enjoy the rest of the night together. Once you meet, you don't really need us anymore. Now if that's not a kick in the butt to start engaging with your matches, we don't know what is.

What if I prefer my Facebook friends don't spot me?
No problem. Simply switch on the "Hide from my FB friends" and they won't be able to spot you.

What if I want to go incognito for a while?
Again, no problem. We understand you might have matched someone cute and don't want to be bothered for a while... Simply turn on the "Ghost Mode".

SpotHot requires iOS 7.0 or later.
If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us at Support@SpotHot.com